Cone Crusher

Our mobile Cone Crusher can be efficiently moved in to your pit or property to crush on site. Our Cone crusher can produce anywhere from 1" Crush to sand, and everything in between! Multiple grades can be pulled at once to make the process cost and time effective. 

Jaw Crusher

Our mobile Jaw Crusher is perfect for taking large rocks down to size to be either ran through the cone to make Crush or can be used alone to make 3"-5" Fractured Base or 3"-5" Minus.

3/4" Crush
3" Fractured Base

Our 3" Fractured rock includes the fines and is an excellent choice for road base. This product is available at our Dobberstein Location in Victor, MT.


Our 3/4" Crush is a top notch product and is just waiting to be delivered to your next road project! This product is available at both our Dobberstein Pit in Victor, Montana and our Covey Pit in Yaak, MT.

1" Chip

Our 1" Chip is available at the Dobberstein Pit in Victor, MT for $15 a yard.